2012 – An Affordable Time to Buy a Home

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A combination of historically low mortgage rates and declines in home pricing are resulting in the most affordable home market in two decades. This is great news for home buyers, provided they are able to qualify for a loan. Stricter guidelines and qualifications may make getting a home loan more challenging, so potential home buyers…Read More »

Mortgage Rates Dip Again

Mortgage Rates Dip, Reaching Another Record Low Daily Real Estate News | Friday, September 09, 2011 For the second time in a month, fixed and adjustable-rate mortgage rates set new record lows this week, Freddie Mac reports in its weekly mortgage market survey. The previous record lows were set Aug. 18. Economic uncertainty and employment…Read More »

Mortgage Rates Continue Their Slide

It appears mortgage rates still have not found their low for the year with rates still coming down.  Last weeks news headlines was that rates had reached their lows for 2011, today the trend continues.  One of today’s headlines from Yahoo Finance read, “Average rate on 30-year loan drops to 4.55 pct.; average rate on…Read More »

Mortgage Rates at 2011 Low

Fixed mortgage rates are at a low for 2011.  The average rate on 30-year loan drops to 4.60 pct; average rate on 15-year falls to 3.78 pct.  For additional information and where rates may be headed you can read the full article from Yahoo Finance.

Housing Help for Homeowners?

New incentives may be on the horizon thanks to President Obama’s town hall meeting earlier today.  Topics for discussion evolved around longer term mortgages as well as reduction of principal for homeowners in trouble.

30-Year Rates Decline

Keep a close eye on mortgage rates over the next 30 days as we prepare to enter the summer season next month.  The Wall Street Journal published an article eluding to influences such as business conditions and home prices contributing to the decline.