Communicate More Easily About Your Home with Houzz

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questioning how to redo your home

As you’ve thought about your home and its many needs, chances are you’ve visited Design ideas for both inside and outside your home abound at Houzz and luckily they have now added a “Real Estate Agent” category! This is good news for you and your home because it gives you an easier way to…Read More »

It’s Elemental: New Homeowner’s Basic Maintenance Guide

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Buying a home is an exciting experience. You save up your downpayment, wade through thousands of listings, find and hire a buyer’s agent, search for the perfect home, make and offer, get accepted and take the plunge. Now, you’ve moved in, repainted walls, arranged furniture, hung window coverings and settled in for the fall season.…Read More »

Lighten Up Dark Spaces Naturally

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Lighten Up Dark Spaces Naturally

You saved up your money and survived the rigors of mortgage underwriting, packed up your apartment, loaded the truck and moved into your new home. After several urgent days of unpacking, rearranging furniture and filling cupboards, you settle into your new place, ready to enjoy the pleasures of home-ownership. You wake up on about day…Read More »

Fall Filter Fixes

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Fall Filter Fixes

Okay, some home maintenance items just don’t make the urgent list. Changing your furnace filter doesn’t often make the cut. As we head into autumn, take a moment to check your furnace filter to get it ready for a winter workout. Why your filter is important A filter protects the blower on your furnace from…Read More »

Can I Buy a Home with an FHA Loan If I have a Student Loan?

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Can I Buy a Home with an FHA Loan If I have a Student Loan?

This year the Federal Housing Administration made adjustments to its underwriting handbook that significantly affect potential buyers that have outstanding student loans. Changes became effective September 14, 1015. The bottom line is, “yes” you can buy a home, even with an FHA loan, but there are stricter debt-to-income ratios you’ll have to comply with and…Read More »

There’s an App for That

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You don’t know what you don’t know, so how many homebuyers or home-sellers know they can use their smart phones to get smarter about the process? It doesn’t matter how far along in your home-buying process you’ve come, you can always tweak things to simplify your life. Adding these nifty apps to your smart phone…Read More »

School for Homebuyers?

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School for Homebuyers

Now that the kids have gone back to school, vacations are over and the weather is starting to turn, it’s time to get serious about hunting for a house. Homebuying used to be simple: you saved up some money for a downpayment, enlisted the aid of a real estate agent, found the home you wanted,…Read More »