Fascinating Home Technology — Run Your House on a Battery

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Fascinating Home Technology

The biggest challenge to solar energy is the inability to both capture it and store it in any meaningful way. In fact, while efficiency in capturing solar power has increased from about 15 percent of most solar panel models to 35 percent efficiency in the higher ends, even when captured the energy grid is unable…Read More »

Communicate More Easily About Your Home with Houzz

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questioning how to redo your home

As you’ve thought about your home and its many needs, chances are you’ve visited Design ideas for both inside and outside your home abound at Houzz and luckily they have now added a “Real Estate Agent” category! This is good news for you and your home because it gives you an easier way to…Read More »

Capturing Clutter

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Whether you’re preparing your home to sell, or your packing up to move to your new home … clutter can be your worst enemy. But, getting chaos under control isn’t always easy. The problem isn’t that you lack resources. In fact, a whole industry sprang up to help folks tackle the problem of clutter: from…Read More »

Can My Real Estate Agent Offer to Buy My Home If There are No Offers?

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Can My Real Estate Agent Offer to Buy My Home If There are No Offers?

The short answer is “yes,” but know what you’re signing up for. In a seller’s market it seems like most homes should sell — given enough time and exposure on the market. But there are some situations where a home MUST sell: the owners need to move for work or because of a job loss;…Read More »

Disappointing Appraisal?

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Disappointing Appraisal

You’ve found the perfect home at the perfect price and made an offer that the sellers accepted. But, the appraisal came back lower than your offer. BUMMER! What do you do now? Any home financed through a bank or mortgage lender requires an appraisal to protect them against originating a loan is upside-down (the loan…Read More »

Backyard July 4th Celebration!

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Backyard July 4th Celebration!

Celebrate your new home with a backyard barbecue! Nothing speaks independence like owning your own home. If you’ve rented for most of your adult life, the freedom to paint walls, barbecue on the patio or hang party lights in trees is a special feeling. As July 4 rolls around, here are some ideas to celebrate…Read More »

Relocating Made Simple

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Relocating Made Simple

Okay, there’s really not a simple way to relocate … after all, you’re uprooting yourself, moving away from friends or family or both, leaving your comfort zone and launching out into the world. But, there are some things you can do to make it less stressful for yourself and your family. Each year, nearly 20…Read More »