Communicate More Easily About Your Home with Houzz

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questioning how to redo your home

As you’ve thought about your home and its many needs, chances are you’ve visited Design ideas for both inside and outside your home abound at Houzz and luckily they have now added a “Real Estate Agent” category! This is good news for you and your home because it gives you an easier way to…Read More »

Decorate and Economize at the Same Time

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Decorate and Economize at the Same Time

Once you get into your new place, you want to paint, upgrade fixtures and add window coverings. While at it, consider extras that improve your bottom line. Some simple ideas that lower electricity and gas bills put your personal decorative stamp on your home at the same time: By far, you lose the most energy…Read More »

Back-to-School Organization

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Back-to-School Organization

With school starting, it’s time to do a little reorganizing to make early mornings and after-school activities run smoothly. When starting school after moving to a new home, consider some of the additional challenges your children face and plan accordingly. Implement changes to the household gradually so that your kids adjust before that big first…Read More »

Want to Become a Real Estate Investor? Think about Buying a “Live In” –Plex

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Want to Become a Real Estate Investor?

As a first foray into investment property, buying a duplex, triplex or quad and living in one unit might be the way to go. In the current market, entering into rental ownership might give you the benefits of homeownership with the additional benefits of rental income under just one mortgage. Some advantages to buying a…Read More »

Prepping for a Cross-Country Move

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Prepping for a Cross-Country Move

Whether you’re moving across the country (or even across the state) to attend school, take a new job or just experience someplace new, a long-distance move is different from an across-town move. To take some of the stress out of the move, and to avoid some costly mistakes, follow all, or at least some, of…Read More »

Quick Kitchen Upgrade: Open Shelving

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Quick Kitchen Upgrade: Open Shelving

One of the first places homebuyers want to make changes is to an outdated kitchen. Visions of granite countertops, new cabinetry and shiny appliances grace the pages of architectural and remodeling magazines and websites and get our creative juices running … only to come to a screeching halt when we starting to price those new…Read More »

Qualifying for a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

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Qualifying for a Mortgage When You

During the past several years, as folks struggled to survive the economic downturn and job loss, many smart people turned to entrepreneurship. In fact, working for yourself, either part-time or as your full-time gig is the reality for millions of Americans. Additionally, many companies turned to hiring freelance or contract labor (1099 status) rather than…Read More »